Things to Do in Gran Canaria

In today’s hectic world, holidays are like blessings. You could always make your holiday worth spending if you have chosen the right place for your itinerary.

Now the question is – What about Gran Canaria? If you haven’t been there yet, now is the time to get yourself packed for a fantastic trip to the beautiful Island of Gran Canaria!

Gran Canaria is a spectacular archipelago that is a part of Spain and a little closer to Morocco as well. This place is best for those searching for a sun-soaked climate to spend their holidays. It is well known for its sunny weather and is also considered rich in culture and natural beauty. About seven islands make up the Canaries, with Gran Canaria being the biggest.

Now the question arises – how can you make your holiday memorable? Let me remind you that you will be blown away just by looking at the Island’s beautiful landscape and heritage sites once you visit.

So, let’s consider some of the famous destinations you wouldn’t want to miss while having a holiday at Gran Canaria!

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1. Roque Nublo

If you are a fan of rocky or hilly areas, this could be your favorite spot in Gran Canaria. Roque Nublo is a giant volcanic rock that is four million years old.

An interesting fact is that all the Canary Islands emerged as a result of volcanic eruptions. And Roque Nublo is just one example of this Island’s unsettled geological history.

But the question is, how will you get there?

You need to park your car at the beginning of the trails. Then you have to hike till you spot three 3 crags. The shortest hikes will take up to 3 miles. You just have to wear fine-quality shoes since the hike is quite uneven.

So, be ready just in case. Otherwise, it’s not a difficult journey to pass, but it’s worth the struggle!

2. Firgas

If you are interested in the urban landscape and tiny twins, then Firgas is the place that will have your heart! It’s located in the northern part of Gran Canavera and perhaps the smoothest place to visit in an afternoon. You would love roaming in the small streets and capturing the vintage town vibes in your camera!

This town owns multiple eye-catching sites such as Paseo de Canarias, the church of San Roque, and many more. Once you get there, make sure to add these places to your checklist to visit.

3. Tejeda

Settled in the center of this Island, Tejeda village is a mesmerizing spot for village lovers and the best opportunity to explore Gran Canaria’s natural landscape. Since it’s much closer to Roque Nublo, it is feasible to visit this gorgeous village within a limited timeframe.

When you get there, make sure to explore the streets throughout the village. And stopping by Dulceria Nublo would be delightful since they have the best cakes in Gran Canaria.

But if it’s lunch that you desire to have, you must pay a visit to La Tienda de Pac. You will have the pleasure of eating the best Papas Arrugadas with garlic if you ask for my advice!

4. Gàldar

If you wish to expand your trip to the northern side of Gran Canaria, then Galder should be your priority. It’s a small town having old heritage sites to amaze you. If you are a history lover and deeply interested in archaeology, the Painted Cave is where you need to visit. Historically, it has some Spanish influence.

There is an entry fee, but the experience is worth it. And, you will cherish this place once you go back.

5. Arucas

This one is a stunning spot that would catch your attention if you are on a road trip to the Island of Gran Canaria. It is located almost 10 miles from the famous city of Las Palmas.

If you stop by, visit the dazzling church of  San Juan Bautista to get a thrilling view of its antique architecture.

If the road trip leaves you hungry, get your stomachs full at one of the cafes of Jardines de la Marquesa. Their specialty is tapas and a beautiful courtyard to spend a lovely evening.

6. Mirador Del Balcón Viewpoint

So far, we have talked about the thrilling sites on the northern side of Gran Canaria. But there is much more to it!

Mirador Del Balcon is situated on the western coast of this Island and seems to be a gorgeous viewpoint for all the travelers coming by.

If you have a keen desire to enjoy nature, then this must be your spot!

7. Las Palmas

Gran Canaria has the beautiful capital city of Las Palmas, which owns many historic attractions and delicious food spots. Don’t miss out on this one if you visit Gran Canaria.

Start your day by visiting Casa de Colon, the older part of Las Palmas. Then take a ride straight up to the Botanic Gardens of Vierato. I am sure places will be the most overwhelming and gorgeous sites to visit.

After visiting all the places, try some tuna at Los 5 Sentidos.

8. Valeron Monastery

Another rocky mountainous area, another adventure waiting for you to be explored!

Situated on the cliffs, Valerón’s caves of Valeron seem to be the most significant archaeological sites on Gran Canaria Island. And, it is probably the best place to visit if you have a passion for history. 

This monastery almost accommodates 300 caves carved out of these mountains ages ago.

Isn’t it amazing!

One way is to sign up for a guided tour when you get there. But, if you are a wanderer who would love to explore on your own, then you are most welcome to wander freely and have a look at the beautiful carved-out caves.

Since the site is quite well known and a lot of tourists visit the sites frequently, you might want to escape the large queues and overcrowded groups. For this, carry on with your ventures early in the morning before any extensive tour arrives.

This impeccable place will only take 30 minutes to visit since it’s a smaller place and reasonably feasible to look around. So, if you wish to save your time and visit multiple places, add this one to your bucket list!

9. Dunes of Maspalomas

If you wish to see the diverse nature of Gran Canaria, visiting the Dunes of Maspalomas is another option that would leave you thrilled.

Let’s clarify that walking across the dunes would be much more complicated. In such a case, wear comfy shoes. Take a deep breath and start exploring. You might not have this experience anywhere else!

10. Caldera de Bandama

Another incredible spot you would not want to miss is Caldera de Bandama. You can quickly drive around this beautiful place and enjoy a tour on your own. Just ensure not to get yourself stuck in narrow turns and deteriorated spots. 

Once you reach the top, your hiking journey starts from there. The hike will take almost 2-3 hours. So, pack yourself a lot of drinks and snacks.

11. Fataga ravine

Fataga Ravine appears as one of the biggest ravines of Gran Canaria. It cuts the whole Island from the center. Some call it the Grand Canyon of this Island, which is quite prominent. This Ravine goes throughout the sea and is only stopped by the geological basins or mountains in this area.

The exciting thing is, you can drive up to the Ravine, and when you reach Fataga, some gorgeous views await you desperately. But, don’t forget to see the last yeguas viewpoint as well.

12. Terror

Entirely surrounded by the mountains of Gran Canaria, this hilly region might be a bit scary. But it’s one of a kind, and you must pay a visit if you wish to see something unique and out of the world!.

Since this place is relatively small, it would not take your whole day. You can add more locations to your itinerary once you finish this one. This place gives you a glimpse of the historical side of Gran Canaria.

After parking your car, take a stroll. Go to Plaza Del Terror. It’s a place where colorful wooden houses with small balconies lining are waiting to amaze you with their brilliant architecture.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in festivals you should visit it on the 8th of September. Go to Nuestra Señora Del Pino, which continues throughout the day. You will have the best time there. 

13. Tamadaba National Park

Until now, we have been talking about historical places, natural landscapes, and rocky areas to visit. But what if somebody wants to spend their time in a park full of scary adventures and fast food. 

What could be better than visiting Tamadaba National Park in such a case?

The problem is that many parks in Gran Canaria are not easily accessible. But, luckily there are some routes and trails that could lead you to this national park.

Don’t miss the chance to view the park from La Bandera peak. Plus there is also a fascinating viewpoint called El Balcón. This is where the land unites with the ocean, and it just looks magnificent!

What’s The Best Time To Visit Gran Canaria?

If we talk about Gran Canaria, it is a year-round place to visit. Even if the winters in Gran Canaria would not offer you a bathing experience in the ocean, the temperature remains moderate, and it would be comfortable for anyone to visit.

Summers are usually the warmest. But, winters having a moderate climate and reasonable ticket prices might be a good bargain for you to consider. So, you can visit Gran Canaria from November to February when the ticket prices are not too high, and the weather is delightful. 

Customs and Traditions in Gran Canaria

Suppose you take great interest in any place’s cultural and local traditions. In that case, you must be familiar with Gran Canaria’s rich culture before paying a visit. This Island never lets go of its local culture and tradition and arranges numerous festivals and carnivals throughout the year.

If you wish to attend one, you would be thrilled to see locals dressed in colorful costumes. Some even sell beautiful handicrafts, and some are engaged in various games and acrobats to entertain people around.

You will also have a variety of foods and drinks to try. If you wish to attend one, book your tickets in January or February since the main carnival is held every year in these two months. Starting with the small street parties at Las Palmas, this carnival turns into a vast entertaining spot for travelers to visit.

The Nightlife of Gran Canaria

If you want to take a stroll on the busy streets covered in magnificent lighting, Gran Canaria awaits your visit! Their traditional and local culture is always vibrant and visible in their markets, roads, and cafes. The night is lit up, and travelers can always have the charm of experiencing it.

Besides the natural tourist spots, this Island has the most unique bars and nightclubs for party souls. You will have lively nightlife at Gran Canaria with bars running late till 2 Am and clubs lit up with the party souls till 6 am.

So what are you waiting for?

If you are in the mood to dance or enjoy drinks, bars in Gran Canaria are always ready to welcome you wholeheartedly.

Let’s Visit Gran Canaria!

So, pack your bags, book your tickets and start your journey to this beautiful Island of Gran Canaria.

Believe me, this Island will blow your mind with its fantastic architecture, hilly and rocky areas, and beautiful landscape. That’s why Gran Canaria should be the priority on your destination list!